OrbiCapital suggests that the EUR/USD is expected to find greater stability within the range of 1.0410 to 1.1220, rather than at levels in proximity to 1.2010.

The potency of the USD is anticipated to ease during the latter part of the year.

We uphold our projection for EUR/USD at 1.0710 for the next month and maintain a three-month target of 1.0510.

Anticipating a moderation in USD strength, we project that the Federal Reserve’s initiation of a rate-cutting cycle will contribute to this shift in the second half of the year.

If CPI inflation in the Eurozone remains manageable, there is a likelihood that Germany would gain advantages from a moderately weak EUR while addressing structural reforms. Consequently, we perceive a higher probability of the EUR/USD finding stability within a range of 1.0410 to 1.1220 over the next couple of years, rather than approaching levels near 1.2020.

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